Executive Program

The Department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University presents:

Executive Program in Diplomacy and Security (MA)

Head of Program: Prof. Azar Gat
Advisory Board: Prof. Aharon Kleiman
Professor (Gen. Res.) Yitzhak Ben-Israel

Non-thesis track (optional)

The program is designed to enrich students' professional knowledge and insights in their work in the fields security, public service, NGOs, and the private sector. Students will be taught about the various complexities of each sector, as emphasis will be placed on learning how to collaborate with foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations (including multinational corporations).

The program gives students knowledge, insights and analytical tools in the fields of new diplomacy and modern strategy, as well as design and decision-making abilities in defense policy during times of war and peace.

The program, among other things, attempts to bridge the gap betwen between military strategy and foreign policy.

Program's duration and scope
The program takes place during three consecutive semesters (one calendar year) on Wednesdays (13:00) and Fridays (14:00). It is worth a total of 36 credits and taught in Hebrew.

The program is open to professionals from the fields of defense, diplomacy, economics and/or public service who have at least five years of relevant work experience. Successful candidates must have also already completed a bachelor's degree with a final grade of 80 or higher.

Graduates of the Executive Program who obtain a grade of 85 or above may be accepted as doctoral candidates in political science. Qualified candidates will additioanlly be required to study supplementary courses and write a master's level thesis.

The Curriculum
36 credits total

Introductory Courses - 9 credits total

Introduction Diplomacy - 3 credits

Introduction to Modern Strategic Thinking - 3 credits

Negotiations and Security- 3 credits

Advanced Courses - 18 credits total

Israeli Security Issues - 3 credits

International Political Economy - 3 credits

Israel's National Security: The Regional Theater - 3 credits

Changes in Peace and the Normative Dimension in International Relations - 3 credits

Introduction to International Law: The Rules of War and Peace - 3 credits

Strategic Issues - 3 credits

Seminars - 6 credits total

The Military, Politics and Foreign Relations of China - 3 credits

Security Perceptions of Arab States - 3 credits

Applied Workshop - 3 credits total

Negotiation: Theory and Practice - 3 credits


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