Israeli Applicants (including Olim)

The following steps are for Israeli applicants. Israeli applicants include Israeli citizens, residents of Israel, and new immigrants (Olim). 

למידע נוסף בעברית לחצו כאן

Instructions for international applicants can be found on the linked page.


*Please note that the application portal is in Hebrew. For applicants requiring assistance with Hebrew, please contact to arrange an appointment with a staff person who will provide translation assistance and guide you through the application.


Step 1. Go to the registration page. Enter your תעודת זהות (teudat zehut, Israeli identification number), choose תואר שני / לימודי תעודה (second degree) as the level of studies and (א' תשע"ט (שנה"ל 2018/2019 for the entrance year. Click כניסה (enter).

Step 2. Complete the פרטים אישיים (personal information) form. Click המשך ​(continue).

Step 3. On the עדיפויות (priorities) page, choose program (1036) לימודי הגירה ללא עבודת גמר (Migration Studies without a thesis*). FIll in the additional personal details at the bottom of the page and click המשך ​(continue).

Step 4. Complete the השכלות (education) page with information regarding military service (for those whom it applies) and academic degrees earned in Israel and abroad. Click המשך ​(continue).

Step 5. On the אישור והצהרה (agreement and confirmation) page, review all personal details and read the application agreement. Once you have confirmed that all information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you agree to the terms, click קראתי והםכמתי (read and agreed).

Step 6. Pay the registration fee of 456ils on the תשלום דמי רישום (registration fee payment) page.

Step 7. Save the קבלה (receipt) and the סיום (completed) pages for your records.

Step 8. Email all required documents to AND ​

  • All applications are reviewed by the Academic Selection Committee. ​​

  • ​Applications are responded to within 2-4 weeks.

​*Students who wish to write a thesis will indicate this later in their academic career. Visit the thesis page for more information

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