Master’s Thesis instructions

July 2023

TAU Faculty of Social Sciences: Master’s Thesis instructions


The supervision of a master’s thesis will be conducted by a faculty member who has at least the rank of lecturer and whose appointment is in the regular track at Tel Aviv University. The university does not allow the preparation of confidential theses.


The Thesis Proposal

A master’s degree candidate in the thesis track will submit to the students’ secretariat an approved research proposal no later than the end of the first year of master’s degree studies and in accordance with the time table set by the relevant academic unit and the standard time period set for master’s degree studies.

The research proposal will include:

The student’s name, ID number, name of supervisor(s), thesis title in Hebrew, thesis title in English, thesis topic, research method protocol, time tables and estimated completion date of the thesis, bibliography, and supervisor(s)’ approval. The supervisor will approve the research proposal including all the aforementioned details by signing it.


Rules for Approval of the Research Proposal

The completed Research Proposal form bearing the supervisor’s signature must be submitted to the department/school secretariat.


The Thesis paper


The thesis must be printed and submitted in Hebrew or, by permission of the supervisor and for international students, in English. In special cases a thesis in a different language will be allowed. In cases in which the thesis is written in Hebrew, there will be an English abstract, in addition to the Hebrew abstract. If the thesis is written in a different language, the abstract and the table of contents are to be written in both Hebrew and in English. Students in the International Programs who submit a thesis in English need not attach a table of contents in Hebrew.

Contents of the Thesis

Page 2 will contain a title page matching the external title page. The table of contents will appear at the beginning of the thesis.

The bibliography will appear at the end of the thesis. The rear title page of the thesis will be in English. The page inside the English title page will contain a brief summary in English of the main points of the thesis.

The title page: Examples of the master’s thesis title page in Hebrew and in English can be found here .


Distribution of the Thesis

The student’s personal supervisor will receive a digital or printed copy, according his or her preference. If the thesis was supervised by two faculty members, the student will submit an additional copy. Sociology students will submit an additional copy for the thesis judge.

The final version of the thesis in the form of a PDF file is to be submitted to the department’s secretariat. It is to be accompanied by the form for the deposit of a master’s thesis in the library, allowing the preservation of the thesis in the digital data base. Please sign the form and have the thesis supervisor sign it.

Examination of the Thesis and Review

The thesis will be examined by its supervisor/s and by at least one additional judge.

The judges will be faculty members of at least the rank of lecturer, in the regular track of Tel Aviv University or other universities. The procedures of judging a master’s thesis are confidential. In general, the identity of a judge who is not the thesis supervisor will not be revealed to either the student or the student’s supervisor. Nevertheless, the student may ask the school’s secretariat for the judge’s opinion, to be provided anonymously.


Presentation of the Thesis to the Library

Upon completion of the process of approval of the student’s entitlement to the master’s degree, the secretariat will transmit a digital copy of the thesis to the Library of the Social Sciences, Management, and Education. The thesis will be transmitted whatever its grade and will appear in the digital database. For each thesis the student and the supervisor will submit a signed form expressing permission or withholding permission for the thesis to appear in the digital database.


Appeal of the Grade

There is no possibility of appealing the thesis grade.



The student may not publish the thesis or any part of it without the written permission of the thesis supervisor. The student must declare that the publication is a thesis or part of a thesis conducted at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of the thesis supervisor, who must be named.    



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