Dr. Yossi Harpaz

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Dr. Yossi Harpaz
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Ph.D., Princeton University, 2016

Yossi Harpaz is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University. His research deals with contemporary changes in the institution of citizenship and their impact on global inequality and national identity. Harpaz uses a range of data and methods – original statistics, interviews and comparative-historical analysis – to explore the growth of a new relation to national membership. This emergent understanding diverges from the traditional view of citizenship as a binding, exclusive tie to a specific nation-state. Growing numbers of people experience citizenship as a global resource that has practical value outside the granting country’s borders – for example, as an insurance policy or a premium passport. This perspective decouples citizenship from its connection to a specific country and focuses instead on its function as a position within a global hierarchy. This trend represents a commodification of citizenship that challenges some basic assumptions about immigration, nationalism, globalization and inequality.

In his dissertation, Harpaz examined a global phenomenon that he calls compensatory citizenship: the move by millions from around the world to acquire a second citizenship from a Western country by drawing on their ancestry, ethnicity or immigration history. Harpaz focused on three study cases: EU dual citizenship in Israel, Hungarian (EU) dual citizenship in Serbia and U.S. dual citizenship in Mexico. In all three cases, elite groups are responding to the legitimation of dual citizenship by converting pre-existing advantages (such as European ancestry or economic capital) into a new global resource: Western or EU passports. The dissertation has won the 2017 Maria Baganha dissertation award. Harpaz is currently writing a book manuscript based on the dissertation, titled “Compensatory Citizenship: Dual Nationality and the Rise of the Sovereign Individual”.

Harpaz’s current research continues to develop these questions and explore the changing role of citizenship in a globalizing world. In a forthcoming paper, he develops a model of the hierarchy of citizenship value and demonstrate how different positions within that global hierarchy shape individuals’ relation to the possibility of acquiring dual citizenship. This paper will be published in the context of a forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies that Harpaz is guest-editing (with Pablo Mateos), which deals with the global shift towards strategic and instrumental citizenship. In another ongoing project, he develops a theoretical framework that analyzes border crossings as a social site where individuals experience their position within a global hierarchy. From this perspective, the passport becomes a status symbol for travelers who engage in “conspicuous mobility”.


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Research Interests

Globalization, Political Sociology, Immigration, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Culture, Social Theory, Historical-Comparative Sociology

Selected Publications

Harpaz, Yossi. 2018. “Compensatory Citizenship: Dual Nationality as a Strategy of Global Upward Mobility”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, https://doi.org/10.1080/1369183X.2018.1440486


Harpaz, Yossi and Pablo Mateos. 2018. “Introduction: Strategic Citizenship: Negotiating Membership in the Age of Dual Nationality”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, https://doi.org/10.1080/1369183X.2018.1440482


Harpaz, Yossi. 2015. “Ancestry into Opportunity: How Global Inequality Drives Demand for Non-Resident European Union Citizenship”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 31, Issue 13, pp. 2081-2104.

Harpaz, Yossi. 2013. “Rooted Cosmopolitans: Israelis with a European Passport – History, Property, Identity”. International Migration Review, Vol. 47 No. 1 (Spring 2013), pp. 166-206.

 "'ישראלים עם אופציה': הביקוש לדרכון אירופאי בישראל – אזרחות כפולה כירושה משפחתית וסמל סטטוס".  הרפז, יוסי. 2012עמ' 626-655, 3-4, 38, מגמות


Courses taught

* Introduction to Sociology

* The Nation-State in the Age of Globalization

* Israeli Society

* Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

* Citizenship and Civil Society (graduate-level)

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