Dr. Yossi Harpaz

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
חוג לסוציולוגיה ואנתרופולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Dr. Yossi Harpaz
Phone: 03-6409221
Fax: 03-6409215
Office: Naftali - Social Sciences, 634



*** During 2019-2020 I am on leave from Tel-Aviv University, on a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University ***


Personal website: www.yossiharpaz.org 

Yossi Harpaz (Ph.D., Princeton University, 2016) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University. His research deals with contemporary changes in the institution of citizenship and their impact on global inequality and national identity. Yossi uses a range of data and methods – original statistics, interviews and comparative-historical analysis – to explore the growth of a new relation to national membership. 

Yossi's book - "Citizenship 2.0: Dual Nationality as a Global Asset" - came out in 2019 with Princeton University Press. The book presents in-depth analyses of three study cases of dual citizenship: Israelis who acquire citizenship from European-origin countries such as Germany or Poland; Hungarian-speaking citizens of Serbia who obtain a second citizenship from Hungary (and, through it, EU citizenship); and Mexicans who give birth in the United States to secure American citizenship for their children. The book sheds new light on the global trend of instrumental and commodified citizenship, and explores its implications for ethnic and national identities, immigration and inequality. 

More information here: https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691194066/citizenship-20


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Research Interests

Globalization, Political Sociology, Immigration, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Culture, Social Theory, Historical-Comparative Sociology

Selected Publications

Harpaz, Yossi. 2019. Citizenship 2.0: Dual Nationality as a Global Asset. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press


Harpaz, Yossi and Pablo Mateos. 2019. “Introduction: Strategic Citizenship: Negotiating Membership in the Age of Dual Nationality”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 45(6): 843-857


Harpaz, Yossi. 2019. “Compensatory Citizenship: Dual Nationality as a Strategy of Global Upward Mobility”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 45(6): 897-91.    


Harpaz, Yossi. 2015. “Ancestry into Opportunity: How Global Inequality Drives Demand for Non-Resident European Union Citizenship”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 31, Issue 13, pp. 2081-2104.


Harpaz, Yossi. 2013. “Rooted Cosmopolitans: Israelis with a European Passport – History, Property, Identity”. International Migration Review, Vol. 47 No. 1 (Spring 2013), pp. 166-206.


 הרפז, יוסי. 2012. "'ישראלים עם אופציה': הביקוש לדרכון אירופאי בישראל – אזרחות כפולה כירושה משפחתית וסמל סטטוס". מגמות, 38, 3-4, עמ' 626-65

Courses taught

* Introduction to Sociology

* The Nation-State in the Age of Globalization

* Israeli Society

* Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

* Citizenship and Civil Society (graduate-level)

* Topics in Citizenship: Migration, Ethnicity, Commodification (seminar)

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