Since its founding in the mid-1960s, the Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel-Aviv University has been an excelling, highly ranked and globally appreciated institution, led by its innovative researchers and teachers.


The faculty is composed of five schools: The School of Psychology, The Eitan Berglas School of Economics, The Bob Shapell School of Social Work, The School of Political Sciences, Government and International Affairs, and The School of Social and Policy Studies. The latter includes four departments – Sociology and Anthropology, Labor Studies, Public Policy and Communication, and includes three additional programs – Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Migration Studies, and Developing Countries.


The faculty holds an important role and duty of making current, updated, precise and, most importantly, unbiased, knowledge available to its students and researchers around the world.


The faculty's students' population is large and diverse, and yet each and every student receives the full attention by the academic and administrative staff to allow him or her to acquire higher education and ultimately, join today's work force.


In the School of Political Sciences, Government and International Affairs, students research and learn the fundamentals of democracy, as well as the factors threatening its decision making processes and guiding principles, as well as processes of war and peace, trade and trade wars.


In the School of Economics, students research and learn the principles of micro and macro economics, as well as issues of economic growth, inequality, poverty and the increasing gaps between the different socioeconomic groups.


In the School of Psychology, students research and study cognition and brain, clinical and social psychology. Courses provide tools and skills that would assist them in becoming independent researchers, and, in advanced studies, train them for their internships in clinical psychology.


The School of Social Work trains social workers from all sectors of the Israeli society, and explores different approached for dealing with a variety of complex social difficulties. Social workers are required to be knowledgeable in a variety of topics and to possess strategic skills. Social working requires ongoing acquisition of knowledge and a practical approach of applying that knowledge in the context of the social environment.


The School of Social and Policy Studies focuses on the research of the human society in general, and the Israeli society in specific, while using popular narratives from the field in today's digital world. The aim of the Department of Communication is to prepare our students to face and integrate in today's digital society and the new media constantly shaping our reality. The Department of Labor Studies focuses on working relations in the private, public and third sectors in the neo-liberal age, relations that are often sacrificed in the favor of the bottom profit line and management efficiency. Our researchers and students in the Department of Public Policy, search, locate and evaluate various types of policies for different social wrongs and market failures.


Our extraordinary faculty is conducted by a remarkable staff that puts great emphasis on the quality of service and approachability of relevant materials needed for the researchers' professional work and for the quality of the educational experience of the students, while maintaining full transparency and maximum fairness in all administrative matters.


Ultimately, the agenda of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to train and equip our students with knowledge and experience to enable them to improve our society, and help create a better world.


Prof.Itai Sened
Dean of the Faculty

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