Prof. Uri Hadar

ביה"ס למדעי הפסיכולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. Uri Hadar
Office: Sharett - Educational Sciences, 151

Short Biography

Uri Hadar received his BA in mathematics and psychology from Tel Aviv University, where he also trained as a clinical psychologist. He completed his PhD in 1982 at the University of London and worked as a research neuropsychologist at the Charing Cross Medical School, University of London. He practices privately as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Fields of Interest

Interpersonal communication, Coverbal gesture, The language-motor interface, Functional neuroimaging of language, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Lacanian psychoanalysis 

Selected Publications

Hadar, U. (1986) Forcefield analogy for communications involving movement of the head. Semiotica, 62, 279-296.

Hadar, U., Jones, C. & Mate-Kole, C. (1987) The disconnection in anomic aphasia between semantic and phonological lexicons. Cortex, 23, 505-518.

Hadar, U., Twiston Davies, R., Steiner, T.J. & Clifford Rose, F. (1987) Psychomotor therapy of aphasia: A General framework and preliminary results. Aphasiology, 1, 491-502.

Hadar, U. (1989) Gestural modulation of speech production. Journal of Communication 9, 245-257.

Wise, R. Chollet, F., Hadar, U., Friston, K., Hoffner, E. & Fracoviak, R. (1991) Distribution of cortical neural networks involved in word comprehension and word retrieval. Brain, 224, 1803-1817.

Hadar, U. (1993) The time course of analytic psychotherapy: A semiotic phenomenology. Psychotherapy, 30, 391-401.

Hadar, U. & Butterworth, B. (1997) Iconic gesture, imagery and word retrieval in speech. Semiotica, 115, 147-172.

Hadar, U., Wenkert-Olenik, D., Krauss, B. & Soroker, N. (1998) Gesture and the processing of speech: Neuropsychological evidence. Brain and Language, 62, 107-126.

Hadar, U. (1999) Bold analysis and associative dialogue: Freedom and continuity in analytic discourse. Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 9, 109-127.

Rotstein, P., Malach, R., Hadar, U., Graif, M. & Hendler, T. (2001) Feeling or Features: different sensitivity to emotion in high-order visual cortex and amygdala. Neuron, 32, 747-757.

Hadar, U., Palti, D. & Hendler, T. (2002) The cortical correlates of verb processing: Recent neuroimaging studies. Brain and Language, 83, 175-176.

Flor, M. & Hadar, U. (2005) The production of metaphoric expressions in spontaneous speech: A controlled-setting experiment. Metaphor and Symbol, 20, 1-34.

Hadar, U. (2005) Algebraic perspectives on the symbolic constitution of gender in Lacan. Journal for Lacanian Studies, 3, 48-66.

Palti, D., Ben Shachar, M., Hendler, T. & Hadar, U. Neural correlates of semantic and morphological processing of nouns and verbs. Human Brain Mapping.

Hadar, U. (2001) The Therapeutic Discourse: Analytic Psychotherapy as a Communicational Process. Tel Aviv: Dvir (Hebrew).

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