Prof. Shoshana Shiloh

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Prof. Shoshana Shiloh
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Office: Sharett - Educational Sciences, 231

Short Biography

Prof. Shoshana Shiloh received her Ph.D. in Tel Aviv University in 1984 and completed her postdoctoral training at Boston University. She has been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology since 1990, and a visiting scientist at the Institute of Social Research, University of Michigan (1992-3), at the Social and Behavioral Research Branch of the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health (2005-6) and at the Department of Population Health, New York University School of Medicine (2013-14). Prof. Shiloh has served in several national and international committees on Health Psychology issues, and is an associate editor in the journal Psychology & Health.

Fields of Interest

Health psychology: Health behaviors; Motivations for attending medical screening tests in general, and genetic tests in particular; Psychological outcomes of genetic counseling - perceived personal control and coping; Behavioral decision making of patients and medical information seeking; Risk perception and its influence on health behaviors.

Selected Publications

Shiloh, S., Drori, E., Peleg, S., Banai, S. & Finkelstein, A. Mediation and Moderation of the Effects of Watching an Angiography Screen on Patients. Psychology, Health & Medicine, (In press).

Nudelman, G., & Shiloh, S. (2015). Mapping health behaviors: Constructing and validating a health behavior taxonomy. Social Science & Medicine, Special Issue, 1-10.

Peleg, S., Drori, E., Banai, S., Finkelstein, A, & Shiloh, S. (2015). Illness perceptions or recurrence risk perceptions: what comes first? A longitudinal cross-lagged examination among cardiac patients. Psychology & Health, doi:10.1080/08870446.2015.1116533.

Shiloh, S., deHeer, D, Peleg, S, Skapinsky, K., Roberts, S, Hadley, DW. (2015). The Impact of Multiplex Genetic Testing on Disease Risk Perceptions. Clinical Genetics, 87, 117–123.

Shiloh, S. & Heruti, I., Leichtentritt, R. (2014). A Common-Sense Model of Injury Perceptions. Journal of Health Psychology, Online before print November 28, 2014, doi: 10.1177/1359105314557876.

Shiloh, S., Dagan, E., Friedman, I., Blank, N. and Friedman, E. A. (2013). Follow-up study on men tested for BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations: Impacts and coping processes. Psycho-Oncology, 22( 2), 417-425.

Shiloh, S., Wade, C.H., Roberts, J.S., Hensley Alford, S. and Biesecker, B.B. (2013). Associations between risk perceptions and worry about common diseases: A between- and within-subjects examination. Psychology & Health, 28(4), 434-449.

Shiloh, S., Wade, C.H., Roberts, J.S., Hensley Alford, S. and Biesecker, B.B. (2013). On averages and peaks: how do people integrate information about multiple diseases to reach a decision about multiplex genetic testing? Medical Decision Making, 33, 71–77.

Nudelman, G. and Shiloh, S. (2011). Who deserves to be sick? An exploration of the relationships between belief in a just world, illness causal attributions and their fairness judgements. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 16, 675-685.

Shiloh, S. (2010). An experimental investigation of the effects of acknowledging false negative and false positive errors on clients’ cancer screening intentions: the lesser of two evils. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, 2, 204–221.

Shiloh, S., Drori, E., Orr-Urtreger, A., Friedman, E. (2009). Being 'at-risk' for developing cancer: Cognitive representations and psychological outcomes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32, 197-208.

Shiloh, S., Gerad, L., and Goldman, B. Patients' information needs and decision-making processes: what can be learned from genetic counselees? (2006). Health Psychology, 25, 211-219.

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