Prof. Roy Mukamel

ביה"ס למדעי הפסיכולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Roy Mukamel
Phone: 03-6407246
Office: Sharett - Educational Sciences, 251

Short Biography

After receiving his B.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in 2005 Dr. Mukamel completed his Ph.D. studies in neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Rafael Malach at the dept. of Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. He then completed a post-doctoral training at UCLA, studying the relationship between perception and action. Roy joined the Department Psychology as a faculty member in 2010

Fields of Interest

.The reciprocal influence of action and perception, motor skill acquisition, imitation

Selected Publications


 Mukamel R & Fried I, 2011. Human intracranial recordings and cognitive neuroscience. Annual Review of Psychology, in press

Fried I, Mukamel R, Kreiman G. 2011. Internally generated preactivation of single neurons in human medial frontal cortex predicts volition.Neuron 69: 548-62

Mukamel R, Ekstrom A, Kaplan J, Iacoboni M, Fried I. 2010. Single-Neuron Responses in Humans during Execution and Observation ofActions. Current Biology 20: 1-7

Mukamel R, Nir Y, Harel M, Arieli A, Malach R, Fried I. 2010. Invariance of firing rate and field potential dynamics to increased stimulus speedin human auditory cortex Hum Brain Mapp July 27, Epub ahead of print

Quiroga RQ, Mukamel R, Isham EA, Malach R, Fried I. 2008. Human single-neuron responses at the threshold of conscious recognition. ProcNatl Acad Sci U S A 105: 3599-604

Gelbard-Sagiv H, Mukamel R, Harel M, Malach R, Fried I. 2008. Internally generated reactivation of single neurons in human hippocampusduring free recall. Science 322: 96-101

Mukamel R, Gelbard H, Arieli A, Hasson U, Fried I, Malach R. 2005. Coupling between

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