Dr. Michal Kahn

ביה"ס למדעי הפסיכולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר

Short Bio

Dr Michal Kahn is a sleep researcher and licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in pediatric insomnia and sleep development. She was awarded a PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2018, under the supervision of Prof Avi Sadeh. She then completed a 3-year postdoctoral research fellowship at Flinders University, Australia, with Prof Michael Gradisar. In 2022, Dr Kahn joined the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University as a faculty member.

Research Interests

Dr Kahn’s research focuses on pediatric insomnia and anxiety in young children, including the developmental pathways, short- and long-term consequences, parent factors, and evidence-based treatments for child sleep problems.

Selected Publications

Kahn, M., Barnett, N., Gradisar, M. (2023). Behavioral infant sleep interventions: helping parents and clinicians make scientifically-informed decisions. The Journal of Pediatrics.

Pillion, M., Gradisar, M., Bartel, K., Whittall, H., Kahn, M. (2022) What’s “app”-ning to adolescent sleep? Links between device, app use, and sleep outcomes. Sleep Medicine, Vol 100, 174-182.

Kahn, M., Barnett, N., Gradisar, M. (2022). Implementation of Behavioral Interventions for Infant Sleep Problems in Real-world Settings. The Journal of Pediatrics.

Gradisar, M., Kahn, M., Micic, G., Short, M., Reynolds, C., Orchard, F., Bauducco, S., Bartel, K., Richardson, C. (2022) Sleep’s role in the development and resolution of adolescent depression. Nature Reviews Psychology, Vol 1(9), 512-523.

Kahn, M., Barnett, N., Gradisar, M. (2022). Let’s talk about sleep baby: Sexual activity postpartum and its links with room sharing, parent sleep, and objectively measured infant sleep and parent nighttime crib visits. The Journal of Sex Research.

Kahn, M., Korhonen, T., Leinonen, L., Martinmaki, K., Kuula, L., Pesonen, A. K., Gradisar, M. (2021) Is It Time We Stop Discouraging Evening Physical Activity? New Real-World Evidence From 150,000 Nights. Frontiers in Public Health, Vol 9, 772376.

Kahn, M., Gradisar, M. (2021). Sleeping through COVID-19: A longitudinal comparison of 2019 and 2020 infant auto-videosomnography metrics. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol 63(6), 693-700.

Kahn, M., Schnabel, O., Gradisar, M., Rozen, G., Slone, M., Atzaba-Poria, N., Tikotzky, L., Sadeh, A. (2021). Sleep, screen time and behaviour problems in preschool children: an actigraphy study. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol 30(11), 1793-1802. 

Kahn, M., Barnett, N., Glazer, A., Gradisar, M. (2021). Sleep and screen exposure across the beginning of life: Deciphering the links using big-data analytics. Sleep, Vol 44 (3), zsaa158.

Kahn, M., Livne-Karp, E., Juda-Hanael, M., Omer, H., Tikotzky, L., Anders, T.F., Sadeh A. (2020). Behavioral interventions for infant sleep problems: The role of parental cry tolerance and sleep-related cognitions. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Vol 16 (8), 1275-1283.

Kahn, M., Juda-Hanael, M., Livne-Karp, E., Tikotzky, L., Anders, T.F., Sadeh A. (2020), Behavioral interventions for pediatric insomnia: one treatment may not fit all. Sleep, Vol 43(4), zsz268.

Kahn, M., Bauminger,Y., Volkovich, E., Meiri, G., Sadeh, A., Tikotzky, L. (2018), Links between infant sleep and parental tolerance for infant crying: Longitudinal assessment from pregnancy through 6-months postpartum. Sleep Medicine, Vol 50, 72-78.

Kahn, M., Ronen, A., Apter, A., Sadeh, A. (2017), Cognitive-behavioral versus non-directive therapy for preschoolers with nighttime fears: A randomized controlled trial. Sleep Medicine, Vol 32 ,40-47.

Kahn, M., Fridenson, S., Lerer, R., Bar-Haim, Y., Sadeh A. (2014), Effects of one night of induced night-wakings versus sleep restriction on sustained attention and mood: a pilot study. Sleep Medicine, Vol 15, 825-832.


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