Prof. Anastasia Gorodzeisky

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
חוג לסוציולוגיה ואנתרופולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Anastasia Gorodzeisky
Phone: 03-6408938
Office: Naftali - Social Sciences, 631


Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University, 2009

Research Interests

Global Migration and Immigrant Integration, Cross-National Comparative Sociology, Public Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration; Politics of Knowledge.

Selected Publications

Gorodzeisky, A. & Leykin, I. 2021. On the West–East Methodological Bias in Measuring International Migration. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.


Caller, S & Anastasia Gorodzeisky (2021) Racist views in contemporary European societies, Ethnic and Racial Studies.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Leykin, I. 2020. When Borders Migrate: Reconstructing the Category of ‘International Migrant’. Sociology, 54, 142-158.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Richards, A. 2020. Do Immigrants Trust Trade Unions? A Study of 18 European Countries. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 58, 3-26.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Semyonov, M. 2018. Competitive Threat and Temporal Change in Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: Insights from a Hierarchical Age-Period-Cohort Model. Social Science Research, 73, 31-44.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Glikman, A. 2018. Two peoples – Two Stories: Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Post Socialist Russia. Social Problems, 65, 543-563.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Semyonov, M. 2017. Labor Force Participation, Unemployment and Occupational Attainment among Immigrants in West European Countries. PLOS ONE, 12(5):e0176856.


Gorodzeisky, A., Sarid, O., Mirsky, J. & Slonim-Nevo, V.2014. Immigrant Families: Mothers and Fathers’ Proficiency in a Host-Country Language and Psychological Well-Being of Daughters and Sons. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 45, 713 – 727.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Richards, A. 2013. Trade Unions and Migrant Workers in Western Europe. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 19, 239-254. 


Gorodzeisky, A. 2013. Mechanisms of Exclusion: Attitudes toward Allocation of Social Rights to Out-group Populations. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 36, 795-817. 


Gorodzeisky, A. 2013. Does the Type of Rights Matter? Comparison of Attitudes towards the Allocation of Political versus Social Rights to Labor Migrants in Israel. European Sociological Review, 29, 630-641.


Gorodzeisky, A. & Semyonov, M. 2009. Terms of Exclusion: Public Views toward Admission and Allocation of Rights to Immigrants in European Countries. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 35, 401-423.


Semyonov, M., Raijman, R., & Gorodzeisky, A. 2006. The Rise in Anti-foreigner Sentiment in European Societies, 1988-2000. American Sociological Review, 71, 426-449.


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