Prof. Alexandra Kalev

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
חוג לסוציולוגיה ואנתרופולוגיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Alexandra Kalev
Office: Naftali - Social Sciences

General Information

Ph.D.,Princeton 2005 

Research Interests

Organizations, Inequality, Law and Society, Gender and Race.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Abendroth Anja-Kristin, Silvia Maja Melzer, Alexandra Kalev, Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (2017). “Women at Work: Women’s Access to Power and the Gender Earning Gap.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 70(1): 190-222


Kalev Alexandra, Kuper Hanna, Alfandari Yifat & Ginat Ayala (2016). Diversity Index: Ranking and Mapping the Representation and Pay of Disadvantaged Groups in the Israeli Private Sector (Hebrew)


Kalev Alexandra (2016, July 26). How “Neutral” Layoffs Disproportionately Affect Women and Minorities Harvard Business Review


Dobbin Frank & Kalev Alexandra (2016). Why Diversity Programs Fail. Harvard Business Review94(7), 14.


Kalev Alexandra & Roscigno J. Vincent (2016). Interview: Bureaucracy, Bias, and Diversity – Structural Constraints and Opportunities in Organizations. In Re-thinking Diversity (pp. 111-120). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.

Dobbin, F., Schrage, D., & Kalev, A. (2015). Rage Against The Iron Cage The Varied Effects of Bureaucratic Personnel Reforms on Diversity. American Sociological Review, 0003122415596416.


Lewin-Epstein, N., Kalev, A., Marantz, E. & Slonim,S. (2015). Integration of Arab Israeli Pharmacists into the Labor Market. Policy Research, Taub Center.


Kalev, A. (2014). How You Downsize Is Who You Downsize Biased Formalization, Accountability, and Managerial Diversity. American Sociological Review, 79(1), 109-135.


Marantz, E. A., Kalev, A., & Lewin-Epstein, N. (2014). Globally Themed Organizations as Labor Market Intermediaries: The Rise of Israeli-Palestinian Women’s Employment in Retail. Social Forces, sou085.


Shwed, U., & Kalev, A. (2014). Are Referrals More Productive or More Likeable? Social Networks and the Evaluation of Merit. American Behavioral Scientist,58(2), 288-308.‏‏


Dobbin, F., Kim, S., & Kalev, A. (2011). You Can’t Always Get What You Need Organizational Determinants of Diversity Programs. American Sociological Review, 76(3), 386-411.


Kalev, A. (2009). Cracking the Glass Cages? Restructuring and Ascriptive Inequality at Work. American Journal of Sociology, 114(6), 1591-1643.


Kalev, A., Shenhav, Y., & De Vries, D. (2008). The state, the labor process, and the diffusion of managerial models. Administrative Science Quarterly, 53(1), 1-28.


Green, T., & Kalev, A. (2008). Discrimination-reducing measures at the relational level. Hastings law journal, 59, 1435-1461.


Dobbin, F., Kalev,A., & Kelly.E. (2007). “Diversity Management in Corporate America” Contexts. 6(4): 21-28


Kalev, A., Dobbin, F., & Kelly, E. (2006). Best practices or best guesses? Assessing the efficacy of corporate affirmative action and diversity policies. American sociological review, 71(4), 589-617


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