Ph.D. Program

Department of Labor Studies

Academic Goals and Admissions Requirements


Academic Goals

The Ph.D. program is designed for students interested in pursuing an academic career in fields involving the study and research of organizations, human resources and labor relations.



1. Candidates may apply after they have received a minimum grade of 85 on their M.A. thesis in an academic institution recognized by the Israeli Council for Higher Education, and having attained an 85.2 grade average in their M.A. level courses.
Applicants should submit the following documents to the Department of Labor Studies Ph.D. Committee: 

 ●  B.A. and M.A. course work and grade transcripts

 ●  Copy of the M.A. thesis

 ●  Two letters of recommendation

 ●  CV

 ●  A 600-1000 word Declaration of Intent that details the candidate’s academic biography and preferred field/s of research.

2. The Ph.D. committee meets once a year. Candidates should submit the required documents by mid-May.

3. Students who have not completed their M.A. degree in Labor Studies may be accepted provisionally. Students will be required to complete a cluster of supplementary courses. The specific list of courses will be determined by the Department of Labor Studies Doctoral Committee. Students will be informed of these requirements upon their acceptance to the Ph.D. program.


Academic Requirements


1. Students will be required to complete 8-9 credit hours related to their field of research. Courses are to be selected from the Department of Labor Studies M.A. program or from other Tel Aviv University departments, as authorized by the Advisor/s. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of 85 within one year of acceptance as a Stage I student in the PhD program.

2. Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam - Stage I: Students must successfully pass a Comprehensive Exam before submitting their research proposal which is to be submitted to the student’s Advisor/s before the end of the second semester of the first year of studies. The purpose of the exam is to demonstrate mastery of the academic literature, a thorough and deep understanding of the selected research topic and related fields. The exam offers the Ph.D. candidate the opportunity to exhibit integrative and critical skills. The exam will be based on a reading list from the Ph.D. candidate’s two fields of study (major and minor), and 3-4 questions to be suggested by the Ph.D. candidate and the Advisor/s.

3. Ph.D. research workshop: The research workshop meets once every two weeks (non-credit hours). Participation in the research workshop is mandatory, fthe first stage of acceptance to the program until the Ph.D. dissertation is submitted to University authorities.

4. The Department of Labor Studies expects all its Ph.D. candidates to concentrate on their research and to participate in the academic activities in the Department and the University.

5. Ph.D. candidates are required to submit a yearly Progress Report, signed and approved by the advisor/s. The reports will be forwarded to the Faculty Committee.

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