Special scholarships for students accepted into the M.A program

Scholarships for M.A students

The School of Public Policy will grant special scholarships to students accepted to an M.A. program for the 2018/19 academic year. The scholarship will be granted to students who are fulfilling a full academic degree.
Conditions of Scholarship Application

Who can submit an application for the scholarship?

*  Students who completed their first degree with honors (according to the academic standards of the undergraduate institution, on the condition that the final GPA is 90 or above).

*  Students who have received advanced degrees with honors from a recognized institution.

*  Students under financial strain – applicant must include updated records of their income, as well as the records of their spouse/parents even if they are not providing financial assistance (students over 40 do not need

to submit the financial records of their parents). Students also need to specify their familial status (married, divorced, married with children, single parent).

Applications for the scholarship should include applicants updated C.V.

Applications to be submitted to the secretary of the Migration Studies Program - migration@tauex.tau.ac.il.

Submission Deadline: 07.31.2018


* A student whose academic degree is being financed by the university, by an external party, by a public institution or by their employer shall not be entitled to a scholarship.

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