Mints Institute Scholarships and Research Grants Winners - Food Safety and Secruity

In Partnership with The Manna Center Program for food Safety and Security

23 May 2016

1. Endophytic fungi for increased crop production and plant resistance to diseases and stresses

Prof. Amir Sharon, Institute of cereal Crops Improvement

2. Vaccine development for the protection of Tilapia against Tilapia Lake Virus

Prof. Eran Bacharach, Department of Cell Research and Immunology

3. Cloning of new wheat rust resistance gene using the novel MutRenSeq method

Dr. Eitan Millet & Dr. Anna Minz-Dub, Institute of cereal Crops Improvement

4. Developing an Innovative Spectral Means to Discriminate Organic from Non-Organic Vegetable at the Consumer Level

Ph.D. Student  Bell Weiss, Porter School of Environmental Studies

PI: Prof. Eyal Ben- Dor, Department of Geography

5.  A model of smallholder agriculture exposure to climate change impacts

M.Sc. Student Shira Bukchin, Department of Public Policy

PI: Dr. Ram Fishman

6. Can Information Help Reduce Imbalanced Application of Fertilizers in India?

M.Sc. Student Yoav Rothler, , Department of Public Policy

PI: Dr. Ram Fishman


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