Master’s Program


Each year a number of tuition scholarships are distributed to outstanding students. There are two scholarship tracks within the department:

A. Academic excellence scholarships for first-year students

Students who have been accepted to the program with a final grade of 93 or higher in their bachelor’s degree in relevant fields and a personal interview may apply for a partial tuition scholarship for outstanding students. The granting of scholarships will be based on previous academic achievements of in relevant fields, and/or a high G.R.E or GMAT score.

B. Academic excellence scholarships for continuing students

Students will be selected among those who excel in their studies during the first year of their degree, to be awarded a partial scholarship for tuition in the second year degree. The granting of scholarships is dependent on the approval of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University of Tel Aviv.

Scholarships for thesis track students will be awarded according to faculty regulations


The Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to provide professional and theoretical knowledge and methodological tools for understanding political, economic, social, and legal aspects of public policy and the interrelations between them. The program is designed to develop students’ analytical abilities for the design, implementation and evaluation of policies and prepare graduates to fill senior staff positions in the public sector, non-profit sector and private sector.

Application Process

Students applying for the Master’s Program must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree with a final grade of 80 or higher. This is a minimum requirement for applying but does not guarantee acceptance. Priority will be given in accordance with the following considerations:

  • Degrees in specifically relevant fields for the Department of Public Policy (social sciences, behavioral sciences, business administration, economics and law)
  • Personal interview
  • Application in accordance with the registration period and denoting The Department of Public Policy as a first preference.

Academic Tracks

Two tracks are offered:

  • Non-thesis track
  • Thesis track

The Duration of the Program

The Master’s degree is a two-year program. Students completing the thesis track may choose to extend their studies by one year and in exceptional circumstances by a second year. Students completing the non-thesis track may extend their studies only in exceptional circumstances by one year. Extensions are subject to approval by the Teaching Committee of the Faculty. Each additional year of studies beyond the standard program duration will incur “delayed learning fees” in addition to regular tuition, in accordance with tuition regulations.

Co-requisite Coursework

Fundamentals of Economics - 4 semester credit hours - are offered in the first semester of the degree within the department.

Introduction to Statistics - a preparatory course offered prior to the start of the academic year.


Students who have already completed these courses who would like to request an exemption are required to fill out the "Request Form for Recognition of Coursework" which can be found on the faculty website as well as the department office.  Requests should be accompanied by an original transcript and a syllabus of the course. It is recommended to submit the application before the start of the school year.

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