Prof. Rachel Karniol

School of Education
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Prof. Rachel Karniol
Phone: 03-6406763

Short Biography

Born in Israel and raised in Canada, Rachel received her B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Toronto and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo. She has taught at the University of Toronto, University of Florida, Tufts University, Princeton University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Fields of Interest

social development, more particularly, role taking, empathy, moral development, and gender.

She is currently completing a book on social development.


Selected Publications



Karniol, R.  (2010) Social Development as Preference Management: How Infants, Children and Parents Get What They Want from One Another.  New York: Cambridge University Press           


Representative Publications


Karniol, R.  (1995) Stuttering, language, and cognition: A review and a model of stuttering as suprasegmental sentence plan alignment (SPA).  Psychological Bulletin, 117, 104-124.


Karniol, R., & Ross, M. (1996) The motivational impact of temporal focus: Thinking about the future and the past.   Annual Review of  Psychology, 47, 593-620.


Karniol, R. (2003) Egocentrism versus protocentrism: The status of self in social prediction.  Psychological Review,  110, 564-580.


Karniol, R., Galili, L., Shtilerman, D., Naim, R., Stern, K., Manjoch, H. & Silverman,  R.  (2011) Why Superman can wait: Cognitive self transformation in the delay of gratification paradigm,  Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 40,  307-317.


Karniol, R. (2016) A language-based, three-stage, social-interactional model of social pretend play:  Acquiring Pretend as an epistemic operator, Pretending That, and Pretending With  (The P – PT – PW Model), Developmental Review, 61, 1-37.


Karniol, R., &  Čehajić-Clancy, S. (2020) A gendered light on empathy, prosocial behavior, and forgiveness.  In F.M. Chung & D.F.. Halpern (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of the International Psychology of Women.  New York: Cambridge University Press.


Recent Journal Publications


Israelashvili, M., & Karniol, R. (2018) Testing alternative models of dispositional empathy:  The Affect-to-Cognition (ACM) versus the Cognition-to-Affect (CAM) Model.  Personality & Individual Differences, 121, 161-169.


Fasoli, F., Maass, A., Karniol, R., Antonio, R.,  & Sulpizio, S. (2020) Voice changes meaning: The role of gay- versus straight-sounding voices in sentence interpretation.  Journal of Language and Social Psychology, in press.


Karniol, R. (2020) Gender-differentiation in the family drawings of Israeli, Jewish-Orthodox preschoolers.  Journal of Early Childhood Research, in press.


Karniol, R. (2020) Cross-cultural differences in strategies of peer persuasion of Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking children.  Journal of Cognition and Culture, in press.


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