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International MA in Political Science
Field of Study: Political Communication

Communication systems are what drive politics today. This program is a high-quality graduate program that focuses on the dynamics and complexities of politics in the global age.  It provides students with a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics between media and politics.

The program grants an M.A. in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. The Political Science Department stands out in the study of political theories, political leadership, political communication, electoral systems and behavior and is the home of the Israel National Election Studies. 


Tel Aviv University

Located within Israel's cultural and economic heartland, Tel Aviv University is the largest and most comprehensive of Israel's institutions of higher education. Founded in 1956, the university today comprises over 29,000 students in 105 departments, 27 schools, and 9 faculties. 56 Israel Prize Laureates have been associated with Tel Aviv University, highlighting its distinguished record of academic excellence, innovation, and creativity. Extensively involved in public service, its people have been widely engaged in politics and many of them have reached very high ranking positions in the political system and in the decision making hierarchy. 


The City of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city and its biggest commercial center. Founded in 1909, it was the first Hebrew city to be built in modern times. Tel Aviv istoday a vital busy metropolis known as the city that never sleeps,which attracts visitors from all over the world with its exciting nightlife, beaches and the latest in urban living.

For more information about living and studying in Tel Aviv - please visit https://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/en/Pages/HomePage.aspx​ 


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