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About the M.A. in Migration Studies

The M.A. in Migration Studies at Tel Aviv University awards a master's degree in Global Migration and Policy from the TAU School of Social and Policy Studies. It is an interdisciplinary master’s program taught in English that offers students the opportunity to engage critically with national and international issues that are at the forefront of today’s debates around migration and policy. The program is designed for passionate students with strong educational backgrounds, professional drive and, preferably, previous professional or activism experience. Led by scholars and practitioners in the field of migration, this program provides students with the theories, research tools, and first-hand experience to pursue careers in a variety of fields ranging from public policy, international affairs, politics, research, academia, and non-profit work. The program is structured so that students can obtain an M.A. degree (via a study track with a thesis or a study track without a thesis) within 2 years. Students in the program can participate in a semester abroad in one of the several exchange programs at universities affiliated with TAU. Topics covered in the coursework include the labor market integration of immigrants; the challenges of social integration and ethnic identification of the “second generation”; marginalization and discrimination; migration and the environment; immigration and citizenship policies; humanitarian theory and practice; and forced migration, among other subjects. 



  • To provide comprehensive knowledge of immigration as a historical, social, and political phenomenon, and to foster comparative insights across disciplines
  • To introduce students to the theoretical underpinnings of migration and to familiarize students with the various forms of migration, the forces driving migration, the conditions and barriers to the integration of immigrants, as well as various policy tools to deal with the phenomenon
  • To develop students' analytical and research capabilities via training in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodological tools
  • To combine academic training with professional skills development through an internship in the field and workshops with experienced practitioners
  • The program is taught in English to expose students to cutting edge  research on the migration, to allow students to enter the academic discourse on the topic, to foster social and academic networks between Israeli and international students, and to encourage exchange with parallel programs taught at universities around the world

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