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  • Trump did not want them to talk about COVID. Then he was infected.
    To close the gap from Biden in the polls, the president hoped to divert attention from the plague, and get voters to engage in top-notch appointment and election credability. Now they will talk about the virus again.
    Click here to read Dr. Udi Sommer article in YNET [Hebrew]

  • "The average American is not interested in politics, but the president is a familiar figure - and that's significant on Election Day." On Trump's message: "If it permeates that the economic blow should not be recorded as his duty because it is a global epidemic that his government, in his view, has dealt with reasonably, it will play into his hands at the ballot box."
  • Click here to read Dr. Udi Sommer article in 'Yisrael Hatom' [Hebrew]
  • "The Middle East will wait, the nuclear deal will return to the agenda" - Biden's new policy, interpretation
    What are the perceptions of the new US cabinet, and where Israel on the agenda?  
    • No more "America first" - international relations are significant for Biden, and he plans to correct the storms left behind by Trump
    Click here to read Dr. Udi Sommer article in 'N12'

  • American democracy has proven its strength, but there is also bad news
    The postal and polling infrastructure did not collapse, millions of votes were not lost and armed militias did not prevent a record number of civilians from voting. However, it is highly doubtful that Biden will be able to heal the soul of the divided nation.
    Click here to read Dr. Yael Sternhall article in Ha'aretz [Hebrew]

  • Traditional Republican presidency, under an unprecedented president
    Trumpism is rooted in centuries-old American traditions such as racism, nationalism, separatism and brutal capitalism. However, a mand who lacked the ability to understand the significance of the role of president never served in the White House.
    Click here to read Dr. Yael Sternhall article in Ha'aretz [Hebrew]
  • The American November 3rd - Trump loses, refuses to accept the "fake" results and fortifies in the White House / TheMarker podcast
    US President Donald Trump, who overthrew some of the US governmental norms during his tenure, with gross footing and tremendous political and media talent - threatens not to accept the election results if he loses. Says that this thing called the United States of America can be broken? And how will it affect Israel - the divided and conflicted democratic state in the Middle East. Guy Rolnik and Anat Georgi in a conversation with Prof. Eyal Naveh, Dr. Yael Sternhal and Dr. Yoav Frommer, three Expert historians of the US with some insights on the largest democracy in the world.
    Click here to listen to the full episode 
  • The Jewish Vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections, a special series in co-operation with the Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot and Ynet
    Click here to read the first installment in the series by the Center's research fellow, Or-Rappel Kroyzer
  • The Tragedies, the Victories and the Stances towards Israel: Who are you Joe Biden? 
    The Center's director, dr. Yoav Fromer, was hosted on Kan channel podcat, AmeriKan, to talk about the Democratic Party nominee in the 2020 presidential elections and the former U.S. Vice President.
  • "Sen. Bernie Sanders’s emergence as the Democratic front-runner has conjured an old specter that has haunted the Democratic Party for decades — the specter of George McGovern." Click here to read the full Washington Post article by the Center's director, Dr. Yoav Fromer

  • US Supreme Court hearings season:
    Dr. Udi Sommer, a member of our executive committee, visited at Globes' podcast Ha'madrich La'trumpist. Just months before Americans go to the polls, the US Supreme Court hearings season will open, with judges discussing Trump's personal tax reports, wall funding with Mexico and women's rights. Will politics in the US legal system be at the center of the election campaign? Click here to listen (starts at 8:09)
  • The Democratic primaries in Iowa and State of the Union 2020:
    Dr. Udi Sommer contributed to Seder Olami with Arad Nir on Channel 12. Following the democratization of the Democratic Party in Iowa in the counting of votes and President Trump's controversial state of the nation speech, the US appears to be constantly divided. What is going to happen this coming election season? Is there a Democratic candidate that can beat Trump? Click here to listen (starts at 9:00)

Prof. Sigal Alon. Press Coverage for her book Race, Class and Affirmative Action:

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  • The Arab Bank terrorism case: 


  • On the Popularity of Donald Trump: 


  • 2016 Presidential Elections:

Prof. Michael Zakim

The membership of the American Studies Association voted to endorse a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. Has the boycott effectively challenged the Israeli state’s discrimination and violence against Palestinians? Or has it only further isolated voices of dissent in Israeli society?
Read the full article in Dissent Magazine: "The Best of Intentions: Debating the ASA Boycott"

  • 38:45Boston Tea Party 1773:


  • Calcalist TV, a lecture on History of Capitalism:

Trump did not want them to talk about the corona. Then he got sick


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