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What We Do

The political, economic, social and cultural ideas and institutions of the United States exert great influence on all facets of Israeli life. And yet, most Israelis have only a limited grasp of the nature of these influences. The Center for the Study of the United States in Partnership with the Fulbright Program's primary goal is to change that. 

By harnessing the unmatched expertise of faculty and scholars representing a broad range of disciplines from Tel Aviv University, as well as abroad, our Center strives to instill a deeper level of understanding of the United States in all sectors of Israeli society and to become a permanent intellectual and educational fixture in the Israeli academic landscape.   

As the first - and only - academic research center in Israel exclusively dedicated to the study of the United States, we are committed to a broad, diverse and multidisciplinary program of research and pedagogy that transcends any particular field and includes: American politics and government, business and economics, law, history, sociology, media, environmental, and cultural studies (literature, art, film, theater and music).  


Community Outreach, Pedagogical Training and Public Education

The Center, which enjoys the generous funding and support of the Fulbright Program in Israel, is not only designed to promote research and enhance the quality of scholarship in Israel about the United States, but also to share those insights with the public at large through an array of forums, workshops, cultural activities, and platforms tailored to specific needs and interests.  

The multidisciplinary character of the Center at TAU, reflecting the respective fields of interest of scholars active in over a dozen different schools, departments, and programs at the university, offers a rich selection of programs directed towards opinion-shapers and policy-makers, educators and activists, as well as the general public (with an emphasis on students and teachers in ther peripheral areas of the country).

Since our goal is to reach out not only to metropolitan centers, but to towns and villages representing all sectors of Israeli society, our work outside academia is equally important: in collaboration with TAU's community outreach office, we utilize its considerable experience in initiating enrichment programs for school-children and teachers. 

In addition, through our collaboration with TAU’s well-established American Studies Program, the Center also helps train the next generation of Americanists, placing special emphasis on graduate and post-doctoral studies. This is achieved by means of competitive research grants, year-long research seminars, close faculty supervision, and dedicated workshops led by leading figures in American studies from the United States.  


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